Daily healthy lifestyle with regular exercise

Regular exercise is defined as a way to burn your calories and movement to make your muscles work smoothly. There are many type of activities for exercise like Swimming, running, Jogging, walking, dancing to name a few. With adopting one of these habits your life will become active both physically & mentally on the other hand it will also help you to live longer.  Below we have summed up some benefits of regular exercise in your daily lifestyle.

It is always beneficial for your brain

It tends to lower your stress and depression. It will also help you to increase you memory and thinking process. You will make the decision quicker after adapting such routine. It also helps us to increase the blood flow to your brain which is essential for growth of new cells.

You will get happier

Numerous studies show that many types of exercise, from walking to cycling, improve people’s moods and can even alleviate depression symptoms. Exercise causes the release of chemicals in the brain that dull pain, lighten mood, and relieve stress (serotonin, norepinephrine, endorphins, and dopamine).

It might make you age slower.

Exercise has been shown to increase lifespan by up to five years. A new small study suggests that moderate-intensity exercise may slow cell ageing. As humans age and their cells divide repeatedly, their telomeres—the protective caps on the ends of chromosomes—shorten.

It will Help You skin to Glow

Exercise Revs up blood into your skin. Delivering oxygen and nutrients that help to improve skin health and even help to heal the wounds.

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