Hi everyone, this is Anglina Blacksmith thank you for stopping by my blog and appreciating what I do. I am a native of California USA. And was raised there by my mom who is a single mother and I am her only child.
I studied fashion at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) in California itself. Until I started schooling, fashion was just my passion but wanted to transform it into my profession.
Each of us is beautiful inside and out, but makeup just improves our appearance and perfectly comprehends our looks. So while coaching for fashion I also suggest makeup looks that would praise the entire attire I have managed to approach. I came across the idea of blogging and wanted to portray myself to the world as the real me. I post what I practice! I’ve conducted several workshops and have been part of numerous fashion shows and never letting anything hurdle my determination.

As a girl I guess I don’t have to specify how much I cherish applying makeup I am very ambitious and work really hard to achieve my goals and dreams. I Need your sheer support, so follow me on all of my blog pages, show some love and help me grow.