A Great Beach Towel Makes A Big Difference

When it comes to pulling off the perfect beach day, A Great Beach Towel Makes A Big Difference is vital. There are a few critical items that may bridge the gap between an uncomfortable, sweaty time and an Instagrammable paradise you’ll never want to leave, whether you’re having some alone time or organizing a day-long adventure with your day-ones. For starters, you’ll need a flattering swimwear and a pair of lovely sunglasses to go with it. Sand can be harsh on your feet, so bring some travel-friendly footwear with you.

Local Beach Cardiff Beach Blanket     

This attractive blanket, with its neutral pattern and Peshtemal cotton fabric, can be used as a throw in your living room or a bedspread in your bedroom for only $61.

Aisparky Beach Blanket

This vividly coloured beach blanket will stand out in a sea of towels if you’re going to a crowded beach. For under $19, the fabric is water and sand resistant, with corner pockets and anchor stakes to keep it from flying away.

Serena & Lily Capri Fouta Beach Towel

This beach towel with a “splash of style” is available in five pastel colors and is made of Turkish cotton. The fringe is also hand-knotted, giving the stripe design a unique touch for only $78.

Mainstays Beach Towel

Look no further than this super plush, 100% cotton towel that’s available in a variety of bright colors and patterns only for $6.

JML Quick Dry Beach Towel Set

Cotton is absorbent, although it might feel heavy when wet. Microfiber, on the other hand, is far more lightweight but just as durable, and it costs only $26.

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